USOC SafeSport Online Training Program & Certification


Mark Lonsdale

As some may have read in this month’s USA Judo electronic newsletter, USA Judo is now requiring all coaches who register a club with USA Judo for 2013 and beyond, to complete the new USOC SafeSport on line program (http://www.safesport.org/)

SafeSport is the Olympic community’s initiative to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct in sport. This is an online course that, after satisfactory completion, an individual will be able to print a certificate. SafeSport provides an online training course to educate coaches about the nature of misconduct in sport and give actionable information to better protect athletes.

After registration ($12.00), the course consists of 16 lessons divided into 3 lesson blocks and takes about two hours to complete. Each lesson has been assigned a minimum viewing time which matches the length of the lesson’s video. To successfully complete the course, users will be required to pass 4 multiple choice tests consisting of a total of 50 questions. You do not need to complete the training in one block of time. You can start and stop the course as needed, picking up where you left off. Once you have viewed all training materials and passed each test, SafeSport will maintain an electronic record of your participation and a numbered certificate is printable. 

As an example of the various modules, Section 1 consists of an introduction and 4 lessons: the coach-athlete relationship; bullying & harassment; bullying & harassment case study; and hazing. Section 2 consists of 8 lessons covering emotional misconduct; physical misconduct; sexual misconduct; sexual abuse; grooming; minimizing high-risk opportunities; local travel and overnight travel.

After personally completing the course, I recommend taking it in one session to keep all the information fresh in your mind, but you can stop and start at will since the program tracks your progress. You can also shuttle back to review previous modules and download support files. In short, this is probably one of the best online training programs I have looked at; and it is relevant to judo since several segments include judo training at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) and interviews with former Olympian and High Performance Judo Coach Ed Liddie.

If it was my decision (which it is not) I would make this mandatory for all judo coaches and club sensei, just as USA JUDO is now implementing for 2013. At a minimum it should be highly recommended and those who complete the program should receive promotion points for completing the course. Upon successful completion of the program a coach can print a numbered certificate and their training record with GPA scores. These are also maintained in the USOC SafeSport database for future reference.

The SafeSport on line program can be accessed at http://www.safesport.org/



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