2013 – 2016 To experiment from the Paris Grand Slam 2013 up to the Rio World Championships (included) the following items:

 Referee and judges.

Only one referee on the mat and one referee at a video check table with a radio communication assisted by a referee commission member or another referee will judge the fights. A rotation system will be implemented for the Referees. The IJF Jury will interfere only when they consider it to be necessary.

 Technical assessment

-IPPON: to give more value «to take into account only the techniques with real impact on the ground on the back».

 Landing on the bridge position:

All situations of landing on the bridge position will be considered Ippon.


– During the fight there will be three Shidos, and the fourth Hansoku-make (3 warnings and then disqualification).

– Shidos do not give points to the other fighter, only technical scores can give points on the scoreboard.

– At the end of the fight, if scoring is equal, the one with less Shido wins.

– If the fight continues to golden score (due to a draw), the first receiving a Shido loses, or the first scoring a technique will win.

 Penalized with Shido:

– Breaking the grip with 2 hands.

– Cross gripping should be followed by an immediate attack. Same rule as for the belt gripping and one side gripping.

– The referees should strictly penalize the contestants who do not engage in a quick Kumikata grip or who try not to be gripped by the opponent.

– To hug the opponent for a throw. (Bear hug).

 Penalized with Hansoku-make:

– All attacks or blocking with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt in Tachi-waza.

 Osaekomi, Kansetsu-waza and Shime-waza

– Will continue also outside of the contest area as long as Osaekomi was called inside.

– Osaekomi scores 10 seconds for Yuko, 15 seconds for Waza-ari, and 20 seconds for Ippon.

– The Kansetsu-waza and Shime-waza initiated inside the contest area and recognized as being effective to the opponent can be maintained even if the contestants are outside the contest area.

 Cadets – U 18: Kansetsu-waza authorized for Cadets.

 The Bow:

– When entering the tatami area, fighters should walk to the entrance of the contest area at the same time and bow to each other into the contest area.

– The contestants must not shake hands BEFORE the start of the contest.

 Duration of Contests

–  No time limit for Golden Score (Hantei is cancelled).

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