• Be respectful of the Dojo (training hall) & mat area. Keep it clean
  • No activity on the mats without an instructor present
  • No horseplay or unsafe games
  • Exercise and warm-up before judo to reduce the potential for injury
  • Keep fingernails & toenails clean and short
  • No metal objects, watches, jewelry, glasses, or hair pins on the mat 
  • Do not come to judo with open wounds, skin conditions, rashes, colds, flu, lice, or communicable diseases   
  • Notify the instructor of any physical limitations, new or pre-existing injuries
  • Stay away from the edges of the mat when doing standing randori (free practice fighting)
  • Report any damage to the mats, unsafe conditions, accidents or injuries immediately


  • Be respectful of the instructors (sensei) and other students (judoka) at all times
  • Bad language, rude comments, teasing, racism & bigotry will not be tolerated
  • Pay attention and do not talk when the instructor is teaching
  • Be on time or early for class. It is disrespectful to arrive late for judo  
  • Learn the correct mat etiquette & bowing
  • Come to judo with a clean and dry judogi 
  • Students must wear shoes, slippers or flip-flops coming to judo and off the mats
  • No oily or greasy hair products and minimal makeup (it gets on the mats and judogi)
  • No food or drinks on the mats. Students may keep a water bottle at the edge of the mat  
  • Come to judo with a positive attitude, ready to learn and train (and have fun)


Respect 2013

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