April has been a busy month for Judo Training Development and Warrior Judo Dojo. On April 6, National Judo Coach, and Head Sensei, Mark Lonsdale, ran a mini IJF competition rules seminar for Hollywood Judo Dojo in Los Angeles, California. For those with an interest in judo history, the Hollywood judo club is one of the oldest in LA, founded in 1932; in the same pre-WWII era as Sawtelle Dojo in West LA, Norwalk Dojo, and San Fernando Valley Dojo.

Then on April 13, Mark ran two Kodokan Judo technical development seminars, one in the morning at Goltz Judo and the other in the afternoon for the seniors and dan-grades at Hollywood Judo. Through all this, and in addition to regularly scheduled judo practice, Warrior Judo ran four Mother & Daughter Self Defense programs at their new dojo.

On April 27 Judo Training Development ran a Coach & Competitor Competition Development clinic supported by Nanka Yudanshakai. Presented by Mark Lonsdale and Hal Sharp, 9th dan, and assisted by IJF-A referee Gary Takemoto, Rokudan, this comprehensive on-the-mat clinic focused on coaching skills and competitor training designed to optimize on the new IJF rules. Most of the participants were Rokudan and Godan with a few Nidan sprinkled in. Needless to say the Nidan became the designated Uke(s) for the course, but even the high-grades were willing to try their hand at a few new Grip & Go competition techniques, such as left and right-side Sode-tsuri-komi-goshi & Ippon-seoi-nage, off of a single sleeve grip attack or 2 on 1 sleeve grip.

After a short PowerPoint presentation based on the statistics and techniques used at the 2012 Olympic and 2013 Grand Slam in Paris, the on-the-mat session covered a review of the new IJF rules and how they affect the coach and competitor. The program then moved into techniques (tachi-waza, nage-waza) & combinations (renraku-waza) that are no longer permitted; gripping tactics (kumi-kata) and how to avoid those Shido; training for Grip & Go tactics; tactical analysis of an opponent; finding opportunities to attack  within the new rules; and role playing in randori to simulate a known opponent(s). Sensei Hal Sharp then put on a highly informative presentation on the use of video and new technologies for competitive analysis.

Special thanks go to Hollywood Judo’s Head Sensei, Gary Freeman, for hosting the clinic, and to the Nanka staff for pushing through the required sanction documents.

 For information on future clinics, or to host a clinic in your area, email Mark Lonsdale at Judo Training Development, or go to

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