Judo is Judo. It is not wrestling, sambo, jujitsu, BJJ or MMA; and yet we see all too many instructors teaching odd mixtures of all these sports with little regard for the founding principles and traditions of Judo. Even more instructors have allowed their own technical skills and physical condition to deteriorate to the point where they can no longer teach good Judo. Much of this can be attributed to “the good old boys” with their over-inflated grades and promotions without formal testing. The people who should be the quality control and quality assurance of Judo have become part of the problem.
At the dojo level, the only different between old school Judo and modern Judo is that we now have a better understanding of child and athlete development, so are able to make Judo classes more age-appropriate. At least for those instructors who take the time to study athlete development, attend training clinics, and make the effort to expand their own knowledge and skills.
But at the core of all this is good traditional Judo, as developed and taught by Professor Kano. Judo instructors, both yudansha and kodansha, are expected to study, promote, and stay true to the founding principles of Kodokan Judo.



Post script: I firmly believe that cross training is a benefit to any sport, and am not in any way disrespecting other grappling sports. But if an instructor claims to teach JUDO he or she should teach JUDO. By mixing other sports into a judo class confuses the students as to what is JUDO. If you want to invite a respected BJJ instructor in as a guest instructor, make it clear to the class that he will be teaching BJJ techniques with BJJ terminology.

I also have a problem with instructors from other grappling sports declaring themselves high grades in JUDO when they obviously have no grounding in traditional JUDO, the philosophies of Professor Kano, or the correct terminology used in JUDO training.

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